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Jeff Johnson has been recording and producing deeply moving albums since the 70s. A fan of Fantasy, Johnson sought out Stephen Lawhead after reading his books and asked if he was open to music albums inspired by his books. Stephen was more than agreeable and the two became fast friends, occasionally collaborating on projects and giving joint readings/concerts. Jeff has continued to develop his music stylings and has collaborated with musicians all over the world, but no matter how far he goes, he still pops back every now and then for a compositional tour-de-force based on Stephen's writing.

Songs From Albion

Jeff Johnson and Irish flautist Brian Dunning collaborate in order to bring an authentic Celtic feel to Lawhead's The Song Of Albion series. Spoken word for the second album was recorded in Lawhead's very own home in Oxford, and the church bells in The Enduring Story (Reprise) are the church bells from the local village church. All of this provides an intimate and moving soundtrack to one of Lawhead's best-loved series.



Taking inspiration from Aidan's travels in the book, Johnson devises a musical journey that begins with the strong Celtic sounds he developed in his ALBION series and fuses them with authentic Middle Eastern tones and instruments. The result is like nothing you've experienced before, transporting you to a land and time that is far from your own.



The follow-up to Byzantium had to be Patrick, the passion project of the Johnson/Dunning collaboration. Partly recorded in Ireland, the soundtrack to Patrick cannot fail to move and delight you again and again.


King Raven

The King Raven album, based on the series of the same name, was originally conceived as a sequence of EPs that were recorded to coincide with the release of the books. This time the duo used Wales as a touchstone, this is perhaps the moodiest and most innovative of the Lawhead-inspired albums.



Nearly thirty years after Stephen and Jeff's first collaboration, the duo teams up  once more to bring imagined worlds to pulsating life. All of the best elements are here, polished by a lifetime of experience and hard work. Read the book to the accompaniment of the album and enjoy the sensation of almost living in a different world.

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