Dream Thief

Immediately after his first Fantasy books--THE DRAGON KING TRILOGY-- Stephen tried his hand at Science Fiction. DREAM THIEF is the story of research scientist Spence Reston who joins a mission to Mars and discovers a place where science ends and nightmares begin. 

Epic science fiction about alien intervention in human civilization, in which a sleep researcher on an orbiting space station is contacted through his dreams by an alien intelligence bent on the manipulation of humankind. The struggle to prevent this domination takes him to a terraforming project on Mars. There, among the howling winds of a hostile planet, he discovers the decaying remains of an ancient civilization whose demise just might hold the clue to saving humanity.

"Science Fiction and Fantasy elements are combined to produce a Hi-Tech mystical experience. . . . This is an original and accomplished tale bursting with suspense and intrigue." SFF Books Reviews

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