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Children's Books

Stephen has written nine books for children, one of which, the Tale of Annabelle Hedgehog, was selected to be on the reading list of a national home school curriculum.

A full list of Stephen's children's fiction is below. We are currently in the process of bringing these titles back into print, both hardcopy and digital. In the meantime, if you can't wait for the new editions, you can track down old copies through second-hand sites such as and

The HOWARD series

  • Howard Had A Spaceship

  • Howard Had A Submarine

  • Howard Had A Shrinking Machine

  • Howard Had A Hot Air Balloon

The BROWN EARS books

  • Brown Ears

  • Brown Ears at Sea


  • The Tale of Jeremy Vole

  • The Tale of Timothy Mallard

  • The Tale of Annabelle Hedgehog

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