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This is your first stop for information about the author and his works. Understand more about the books, discover your next read, and find out how to contact Stephen on these pages.

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King Raven
Film Production Announced

The Pendragon Cycle

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Behind the scenes of week 1 of production on The Pendragon Cycle. Get a glimpse into the rigorous training, stunts, and more during the filming in Hungary and Italy. Each week, a new  film clip is released. There are now several to choose from, and they can be found on YouTube. So take a look.

The Pendragon Cycle is coming in 2024. ...


Enhanced Edition

Dream Thief

Now in Hardback


Classic SF in new hardback edition with additional never-seen-before archive material

Dream Thief is a work of science fiction on the grand scale of Dune and Asimov's Foundation series. Dream Thief has it all: fast-paced adventure, alien settings, wonderful character development, cliff-hanging suspense, epic plot, and compelling spiritual underpinnings.

In Hardback
 for the First Time

Empyrion I & II

Enhanced Editions 

emp fierra.jpg

Out Now!


Book II

In The Land of the Everliving

Conor and his sword companions must leave the safety of the faéry kingdom for the barbarian Scálda threaten to overrun Eirlandia.

As he fights for his people’s survival, Conor discovers that several of the clan leaders have betrayed their nation by aiding the Scálda. The corruption is such that Conor and his men choose to become outcasts, clan-less and open to attack by friend and foe alike.

They form their own warband...and the beginning of a legend as Conor unites the common people of Eirlandia to drive the poison from their land.

Click "PLAY" to listen to a sample of Jeff Johnson's album inspired by the books, and please visit the MUSIC PAGE on this site.

The Coffee Mob

Stephen loves to travel--probably as an excuse to meet his many readers. In 2010 he hit on the idea of announcing to his followers on Facebook the name of a local coffee house that he would be visiting and openly inviting them to attend for an informal chat and questions and answers. Thus, the Coffee Mob was born.

Follow him on Facebook to find out when he will next be in your area.

About Stephen


Stephen Lawhead has created all his life. Born in Kearney, Nebraska in 1950, he entertained his younger brother and sisters with amazing tales and sleight-of-hand magic tricks. Later he learned to play electric guitar and played in not-bad bands through university and beyond. He studied art—primarily painting READ MORE>


Stephen loves hearing from his readers, and we've made it easy for you to get in touch with him.

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