Brown Ears

Brown Ears was a floppy sort of rabbit with droopy ears and dangly legs, and a round, bobbly head. He was soft and cuddly – and Ross never went anywhere without him. But he had one very bad habit: he would keep getting lost.

They were on their way home from hoiday .. in the middle of the night … on a bus … when THE WORST happened – and Brown Ears’ great adventure began.

Here is a story that will comfort and bring a smile to anyone who – like Ross – has lost a favourite friend.


Brown Ears at Sea

Brown Ears, the lop-eared, happy-go-lucky, fuzzy cloth rabbit was more than just forgetful. He was positively careless – especially when it came to getting lost.

McRoss had taken Brown Ears to the beach, where they had great fun building sand castles. Brown Ears closed his eyes for a nap – and woke to find himself alone, with the tide coming in.

The waves played with him at first. Then the tide turned, and Brown Ears was carried out to sea – into a new adventure involving some very strange creatures: from Buster, the friendly hermit crab, to Eldon, the story-loving Octopus.

There’s danger, drama and daring deeds. How can Brown Ears ever find his way home again?