Riverbank Stories

Jeremy Vole, Timothy Mallard, and Anabelle Hedgehog are hapless and amusing characters whose grand adventures have been recorded by Stephen Lawhead in these three well-loved children's books. These stories for young readers are set in the watery world of Oxford's rivers, where Lawhead once lived with his own young family.

The Tale of Anabelle Hedgehog

The yellow dog is a menace. Everyone on Riverbank agrees. But how can they get rid of him? There are plenty of ideas, but no volunteers. Until Anabelle Hedgehog becomes the Official Dog Catcher.

The Tale of Jeremy Vole

The mysterious Great Blue Heron's doom-laden message comes as a shock to home-loving Jeremy Vole. Going on an adventure is not his idea of fun. How can he possibly warn all the creatures on Riverbank? And will they even listen?

The Tale of Timothy Mallard

From the moment he pokes his fluffy little head out of the egg, Timothy Mallard knows that something is wrong. Unlike his mottled brown brothers, Timothy has snow white feathers.Driven from his family, Timothy confronts many dangers on his way to finding his true purpose in life.